By Habiba Belguedj, a founding member of the student organization ‘Baytna à Vous’


Baytna à Vous, an initiative led by students at AUP, with a call on the Syrian issue and for the refugees. The purpose of our club is to provide help and support these newcomers need in their new ‘baytna’ (home). As students of AUP, it is also important that we play our part in raising awareness about the refugee crisis in Europe, especially in France. We hope to educate the form of briefings and discussions with experts open to all students. We will also organize fundraisers and charity campaigns to help refugees with their basic needs and help them in France and other countries that need it.

The Thanksgiving event in AUP is in the spirit of developing links within our community in Paris and being grateful for the tremendous opportunities we have. In this spirit, we have taken the advantage of promoting our cause during this event. That is why we invited CODSSY to participate, to support us and help with the promotion of the project for which we have collected donations. We received nearly 300 students for the dinner and this allowed us to collect 634.00 euros for donations that will be made Alphabet project.

The event took place at the Paris American church that we warmly welcomed with great enthusiasm. At the opening, a Syrian student, Muhammad recited Jabur ‘Surat al Fatiha’ and ‘Surat Al Nas’ the koran which was translated later by myself. This was a time that students, faculties and even the president of the University really appreciated.

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Thanksgiving event with the American University of Paris
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